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US Equities - S&P 500

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 19, 2019 11:58:00 AM


Last week I wrote: “If this market continues higher, expect a peak next week at the latest and a major bottom/big buying opportunity around August 20th. Investors are advised to take some money off the table, there should be better/lower prices in the weeks ahead.”

Nothing really new to add here,  equities appear to have topped; expect a drop into August, retest of the May/June low followed by a rally into late December, at least.

Cycles (see chart 1), intermarket analysis, analogs, seasonality, US presidential pre-election year model (see chart 2), completed TD sequential 9 sell setup in the NASDAQ 100 ( QQQ ETF), new Gann levels (see chart 3); all support a correction up to 10%  from current levels. Let me remind that we are still in a bull market; after this correction is done, new all time highs are expected. For those interested in pattern analysis, it looks like a “reverse head and shoulders” formation since the January 2018 major high, where the right shoulder is missing. If so, once complete this is a very bullish pattern for the intermediate term.

TS- S&P 500[1]

S&P 500 FUT.[3]

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