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Technical Analysis

by Antonis Benis, on Feb 8, 2021 6:08:53 PM

In my last report I wrote about an important top that could produce a tradeable correction. The correction was very shallow, both in price (6-7%) and time (3 days); markets …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingS&P 500Dow JonesNASDAQAnalysis and StrategyNYSETechnical Analysis

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Dec 7, 2020 3:08:00 PM

Investors can easily observe three things about technology stocks: they are strongly impacted by their mega-caps (especially nowadays), they are volatile, and they follow trends. In this article, we will …

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Topic:Active TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyNASDAQUS Stock MarketTechnical AnalysisStock Trading

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Nov 23, 2020 1:13:00 PM

In the first part of our investing in tech stocks article series, we examined the most common misconception of a largely diversified tech index. In this second part, we will address two additional ones …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyNASDAQUS Stock MarketNYSERecessionStock Trading

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Nov 9, 2020 2:31:00 PM

Since March 2020, we have seen record breaking numbers within investments in the big tech industry. This current hype surrounding a handful of mega-caps from the (high)-tech sector, serves as …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyNASDAQUS Stock MarketStock Trading

by Ivano Celia, on Aug 21, 2020 1:44:00 PM

The past two years, I started to experiment with short selling trading positions. There have been some ups... a few downs... but altogether its been a wild and exiting ride! …

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Topic:Active TradingRisk ManagementNASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketShort SellingStock TradingBig Short

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 17, 2020 2:16:35 PM

This is a short update of my last report on NASDAQ 100 on July 9th. I had to revisit my charts and I believe to have found the right level …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyNASDAQFundamental AnalysisNYSEDaily Trading Update

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 9, 2020 4:00:06 PM

Last time I visited the US stock markets was on June 11th. Since then, US stock indices have gone nowhere with the only exception of Nasdaq which is keeping on …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationInvestment StrategyDow JonesNASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock Market

by Antonis Benis, on Jun 11, 2020 3:28:59 PM

The coordinated, unprecedented influx of liquidity into the stock markets by central banks has pushed stocks much higher since the March 23rd major low. I strongly believe that stock indices …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingS&P 500NASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketRecessionCovid-19

by Antonis Benis, on May 19, 2020 12:05:13 PM

NASDAQ 100 NASDAQ 100 and the other stock indices have rallied hard since the major bottom on March 23rd. However, there are some reasons of concern right now; the most …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyDow JonesNASDAQRussel 2000

by Antonis Benis, on Jan 10, 2020 5:40:39 PM

This is a follow up of my previous reports on December 27th and January 8th. In the last couple of weeks stock markets have just ignored military tensions in the …

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Topic:Trading SignalsOnline Trading PlatformAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyS&P 500NASDAQ
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