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Technical Analysis

by Antonis Benis, on Nov 12, 2020 4:19:22 PM

Markets tend to turn bullish around elections, last Monday’s - news related - blowoff top, must have marked the high for the rally that started from the October 30th low …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingS&P 500Dow JonesUS Stock MarketNYSECovid-19Stock Trading

by Antonis Benis, on Oct 5, 2020 4:12:28 PM

Last time I analyzed the US stock markets was on September 15th. Since then, the stock markets had one more hard decline followed by a rally that started on September …

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Topic:Active TradingS&P 500Russel 2000Gann AngleUS Stock MarketCovid-19Daily Trading Update

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Sep 28, 2020 4:41:00 PM

Introduction In this article, we will discuss the opportunity to apply an advanced approach to the US high yield market. A long-only passive investment would not earn enough return given …

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Topic:Asset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyBondsAnalysis and StrategyUS EquitiesUS Stock MarketFuturesRecessionCovid-19USD High Yield

by Breakout Point, on Aug 3, 2020 11:20:33 AM

Well-known UK hedge fund Kuvari Partners made as much as 600 thousand CHF on Monday morning betting against troubled travel retailer Dufry AG. This big short(*) was worth about 77 …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingInvestment StrategyAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketCovid-19Short Selling

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Jul 20, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Introduction For a number of years, high yield investments have been a key fixed-income sub-asset class as the hunt for (higher) yields was exacerbated by record low interest rates. In …

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Topic:Asset AllocationActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyUS Stock MarketCovid-19USD High Yield

by Antonis Benis, on Jun 11, 2020 3:28:59 PM

The coordinated, unprecedented influx of liquidity into the stock markets by central banks has pushed stocks much higher since the March 23rd major low. I strongly believe that stock indices …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingS&P 500NASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketRecessionCovid-19

by Antonis Benis, on May 19, 2020 2:18:26 PM

Corn has been in a bear market for the last 8 years, which I believe has ended and this market is in the very early stages of a substantial move …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyDiversificationGann AngleCovid-19

by Antonis Benis, on Apr 30, 2020 4:27:01 PM

Last time I visited the US stock markets was on March 12th. Stocks sold off for another 7 trading days before finding strong support, the lower level I had given …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationS&P 500Analysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketNYSEVolatilityRecessionCovid-19

by Therese Faessler, on Apr 20, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Now is the time to start watching the stock market seriously. A basic rule to start investing is to invest when stocks prices are down. The stock prices of many …

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Topic:Asset AllocationRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyAnalysis and StrategyInflationCovid-19

by Antonis Benis, on Apr 8, 2020 4:31:14 PM

Last time I visited Gold was on March 5th. Since then, Gold has had a strong decline (15%) into March 20th followed by an equally strong rally into April 7th …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyGoldCommoditiesUS Stock MarketVolatilityRecessionCovid-19
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