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How To Make Over 60% Net Profit In 14 Days With Ethereum

by Ivano Celia, on Jan 6, 2021 4:00:00 PM Bitcoin

Easier than you think

Successfully investing is relatively easy. Can you believe it? That's why I was able to make a 60% profit in only 14 days. I imagine you've already jumped to some conclusions. Maybe you think: beginner's luck. Can't possible be, since I've been trading successfully for several years. Perhaps you think it was a one-off. Not true either, as I achieve success consistently and my success rate is higher than my loss rate. I earn net money with trading and investments (*).

What do you think?

By now you might think of me as a show-off or even might feel envious of me. Or maybe not, because you yourself are an even more successful trader. Regardless, anyone can achieve success. Back in my early trading days, I didn't know how to trade successfully. I paid the price of my mistakes and learnings, painfully. To be honest, it cost me a fortune. What's most painful in retrospect is the potential capital that went down the drain.


The Direct Path to Improving

It's frustrating to look back on the trading mistakes I made, how could I have made such unnecessary and common misjudgements! But so be it, hindsight is 20/20. In the end, the only thing that matters is where you stand today, and of course that you are smarter today than you were yesterday.  That's why I started, it's not about bragging at all, but about self-help.

Helping traders:

  • achieve constancy, more calmness, relaxation
  • to trade with chance/risk ratios like the professionals
  • to have more trading strategies available than a few one-shots
  • most importantly can keep them from losing all their capital

If I have done this, then I have reached my goal with, I made my contribution to the trading community and can continue to successfully - without a guilty conscience - increase my capital.

Like most successful traders, I know only too well - unfortunately from my own bitter experience - that every success is hard-earned through many painful defeats and risks. Trading is like youth. I don't think that you necessarily have to have been through all kinds of crap in order to gain experience and maturity. It's not like I make a secret of how I manage to be successful as a trader. This entire website is designed - in gratitude and to give something back - to pass on my personal experience and knowledge to other traders. And above all, to spare others of the painful experiences from the beginning. That would be nice.

But now to my last trade with 60% return, within only 14 days.

How did I make 60% return in 14 days?

Diary of a trade with 60% return

17.12.2020 Short Ethereum message of my coaching subscription.

Quote: Long! Next. As already described in the Daily Markets, we make another long entry with the crossing of $636. We understand the price target as a minimum target, it is quite possible that further exaggerations are coming our way here. The current wave iii in orange alone could already approach the $830 region. Despite everything, we prefer to calculate conservatively here. The stop is not small with approx. 17% price loss risk, however, there is no meaningful alternative here and we sit on a more than solid profit cushion. Our entry: $644. Our stop: $530. Target price: $880.

Kurznachricht ETH1 2h

Trading Coaching Chart Ethereum from short news of 17.12.2020.

Ethereum has already run a long way up. On the other hand, lags the movement, compared to Bitcoin mighty behind. Means, powerful catch-up potential against Bitcoin, I think. I actually wanted to go long in cryptos for a long time. I am also in the past but this time had missed the entry at USD397.90. So should I really get in now like old carnival? No question, the momentum is there and most importantly, my trading coaches - with over 72% success rate - are getting in. What do I do? I get in! The question is always with which exposure, situation, analysis and strategy. I go in rather heftier than is probably healthier. Well, I hope I do not regret it. Buying. I never buy cryptos directly myself. Is too complicated and too uncertain for me. I do that via the well-known Switzerland Tracker via my normal trading account: 21Shares Ethereum ETP at a price of USD98.89.

24.12.2020 Close VIX Position

My VIX LONG position (CBOE Volatility Index VIX MAR2021) somehow does not get off the ground. I am in profit but it is melting little by little. At the same time I am relatively highly exposed due to the position I just opened in Ethereum. I am giving more momentum to the cryptos. For me, that means blowing off steam. Minimize risk and small profit taking in the VIX. I realize 3.05% profit. Not much but why not. Now I am more comfortable, the exposure / margin / leverage for my gusto more reasonable. Reasonable.

VIX Position

Chart VIX Future MAR2021

In comparison, the development in the same period of the Ethereum Tracker.

Ethereum Tracker

Chart Ethereum Tracker

04.01.2021 Close unintentionally LONG Ethereum Tracker

It's Monday morning after the New Year. I'm at work, plowing through the hundreds of emails that have arrived in the meantime - during the holidays. Of course, I've been following the exaggerations on the crypto exchanges, over the weekend with amazement as well as some disbelief. I am curious how my Ethereum tracker will open today. 60% surcharge should be in it, I calculate. While I am at work, I see how the price at 09:07:31 to 158.68 up and my position immediately closes at this price. Shoot...I must have put in a take profit order. I had forgotten that! I usually do this to realize the profit in case of explosive price fluctuations. Because I have made the experience that such unnatural peaks, usually correct again immediately. Better a well realized profit, than a hypothetical mega profit, which in the end - due to market dynamics - cannot be realized. Ok, I am not unhappy about it. Although my take profit was set much lower, my position closed at USD158.68. Fortunately, that's how it works. Wow, I think! Over 60% profit in just 14 days! OK, that the position is realized at the highest current price is also luck because of my forgotten take profit order but I would have closed the position anyway after this rise. I am happy. Now I have again leverage free for new trades. I will now wait until the situation in cryptos normalizes and prices take a breather. So quote lower. As soon as I get a short message from my trading coach, I will definitely get back in. This is what I do most of the time. Because my coaches have an average success rate of over 72%!

Register now to trade like the Pros for 2 months!

Bitcoin trading-boerse HKCM Abo




  • Would I have made the Ethereum trade on my own? NO! Not without coaching
  • Was it right to close the VIX position - even though it is now higher again? Absolutely YES. It is always better to minimize the risk and not to drive too high leverage to remain open for opportunities and to be able to withstand blatant price fluctuations (I trade e.g. also NatGas with sometimes blatant price fluctuations and or gaps/contangos).
  • Helps me my trading platform successfully to Trade
  • Is over 60% return in 14 days good? Absolutely YES! That doesn't happen too often in trading.
  • Was it a brave decision to make this trade? YES because at that time Ethereum had already made good distance and did not really get going like Bitcoin. But above all I was already rather well leveraged at that time. However, I had all kinds of positions at my disposal, which I could have closed at any time without worrying, to give me some breathing room. Before each trade, one should not only calculate the chances of profit, but above all the possible losses and consider whether one can reasonably take this risk and if so, whether one wants to take this risk.
  • Best Practice: A single position should never exceed 2 - 3% of the total capital.

I tried to reproduce the chronicle of this trade in logbook style. This is deliberately done to show first of all that it is not witchcraft to trade successfully. And secondly, to show that as a trader it is important to learn to assess your own situation correctly and that you should never put yourself under pressure with positions. These are mostly traps, in which you usually have to realize losses in the end. This is absolutely unnecessary. You should never take unnecessarily high risks, unless you can easily sit out a situation. In addition, you should - in my opinion - definitely think about a professional trading coaching. And the emphasis here is on professional!!! That can't be stressed enough. Anyway, with this setup I have constant success and outperform the market many times over.

Do you want to do the same and also achieve 60% and more return?

You can if you want! I was able to negotiate an exclusive deal for users with the partners I work with. 2-months FREE coaching financed by Cornèrtrader. > Learn more

*My personal difference between the terms trading and investing: Trading is pure price speculation and short to medium term in nature as well as mostly limited to base markets (i.e. currency pairs, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies etc.), whereas investing effectively means stock positions, with an active buy-and-hold strategy and medium to long term approach. Which does not mean that I have to hold stocks forever e.g. when a sell signal is formed, I also close positions. I buy shares either as a stock, if I want to collect the dividends or as a CFD, if the dividend is not important to me and much more the speculation is in the foreground and I can buy and hold a larger position through the leverage.

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