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Technical Analysis

by Antonis Benis, on May 29, 2019 5:00:50 PM

CRUDE OIL After a seasonal high in April, crude oil is moving now into a seasonal low as early as next week. 10 year cycle suggests a strong rally into …

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Topic:Trading SignalsCrude OilDAXBondsDollar Index

by Antonis Benis, on May 21, 2019 3:55:32 PM

Dollar Index The Dollar Index is in a long term bull market since the major low back in 2008. 10 year cycle suggests that the next major low will be …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingBondsDollar Index

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on May 18, 2019 10:03:00 AM

Bitcoin made an accelerated upward-move in 2017 and reached its highest value near the 20’000 USD mark around mid-December of the same year. After getting to that absolute top, the bitcoin …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingInvestment StrategyCrude OilBitcoin

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on May 14, 2019 4:23:00 PM

Often active investing in Bitcoin focuses on the classic managed futures approach. However, in this article we will explore a very different approach of anticipating the Bitcoin value. Although it was …

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Topic:Active TradingInvestment StrategyCrude OilBitcoin

by Antonis Benis, on May 14, 2019 3:29:08 PM

Dow Jones Futures Yesterday’s (May 13, 2019), news related, selloff in the stock markets may have appeared shocking to most of the traders/investors. However, it may also have produced a …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingCrude OilS&P 500Dow JonesDAX

by Antonis Benis, on May 7, 2019 4:28:59 PM

US stock indices In last week’s post I noted that a top of intermediate degree was expected for this week (May 6th). However, it is quite possible that US indices …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingCrude OilS&P 500Dow JonesNASDAQRussel 2000
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