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The Portfolio of the World's Most Famous Retail Investor

by Breakout Point, on Sep 24, 2020 3:47:54 PM

We looked into the portfolio of Davey Day Trader. While portfolio had estimated 38 stocks about two months ago, we counted only 7 disclosed holdings this week.(*)

What's in Dave's Portfolio?

Based on public Dave's communications made this week on September 23, we recorded following seven holdings in the portfolio of this world's most famous retail investor:

Davey Day Trader

Most of the names are very well known shares that most of us know, such as Tesla, Amazon, PayPal and Shopify. Probably the least widely-known stock is Dave's position in Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp, a SPAC focused on energy and North America.

Interestingly, we noticed a significant decrease in the number of disclosed DDTG holdings. For comparison, These are 13 stocks that, as far as we were able to analyse, were in the portfolio about two weeks ago:

Davey Day Trader Portfolio


Portfolio got much less diversified

In order to see how this portfolio has developed in terms of diversification, we have looked further in the past. While we estimated more than 30 holdings on several occasions in July, this number dropped to an estimated 19 at the beginning of September. The concentration did not stop there, and DDTG's portfolio seems to have less than 10 holdings this week. Our estimates are based on rather regular public live streaming sessions in which existing holdings and latest picks are discussed in detail by Portnoy himself. 

Davey Day Trader does not hold any short positions. However, there were several recent collisions with the short sellers, in which Dave's holdings were scrutinized by Wolfpack Research. You can read more about Wolfpack vs Dave story in our recent post here

Portfolio of DDTG estimated holdings


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* Note: Unless otherwise stated, presented data and analytics is as of available on 2020-09-23-20:00h UTC.


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