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Short Selling Alerts Personal Finance Blog

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Aug 3, 2020 1:15:00 PM

Introduction Wirecard, a German financial services provider, got huge publicity in June 2020 after an abrupt share price crash. On June 18th 2020, we saw Wirecard’s stock prices sharply fall …

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Topic:Asset AllocationIPSActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyDiversificationAnalysis and StrategyFuturesCFDsRecessionShort Selling

by Breakout Point, on Aug 3, 2020 11:20:33 AM

Well-known UK hedge fund Kuvari Partners made as much as 600 thousand CHF on Monday morning betting against troubled travel retailer Dufry AG. This big short(*) was worth about 77 …

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Topic:Trading SignalsActive TradingInvestment StrategyAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketCovid-19Short Selling

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 29, 2020 4:10:21 PM

Silver’s upside move had gone parabolic in recent weeks; $Silver:$Gold weekly RSI above 70, daily above 85. When this happens, then the setup is bearish for both metals, especially so …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyGoldGann AngleCommoditiesNYSETechnical AnalysisSilver

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Jul 20, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Introduction For a number of years, high yield investments have been a key fixed-income sub-asset class as the hunt for (higher) yields was exacerbated by record low interest rates. In …

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Topic:Asset AllocationActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyUS Stock MarketCovid-19USD High Yield

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 17, 2020 2:16:35 PM

This is a short update of my last report on NASDAQ 100 on July 9th. I had to revisit my charts and I believe to have found the right level …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingInvestment StrategyNASDAQFundamental AnalysisNYSEDaily Trading Update

by Antonis Benis, on Jul 9, 2020 4:00:06 PM

Last time I visited the US stock markets was on June 11th. Since then, US stock indices have gone nowhere with the only exception of Nasdaq which is keeping on …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationInvestment StrategyDow JonesNASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock Market

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Jul 6, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Introduction In the second part of our Classic Performance Measures series, we continue our analysis of the Information Ratio. Afterwards, we will introduce additional ratios, such as the Sortino Ratio, …

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Topic:Trading SignalsOnline Trading PlatformAsset AllocationIPSActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment Strategy

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Jun 22, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Introduction In this two-part article series, we will explore the classic performance measures with a unique comparison basis. We start by discussing the most well-known and widely used investment performance …

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Topic:Trading SignalsOnline Trading PlatformIPSActive TradingRisk ManagementInvestment StrategyAnalysis and Strategy

by Antonis Benis, on Jun 11, 2020 3:28:59 PM

The coordinated, unprecedented influx of liquidity into the stock markets by central banks has pushed stocks much higher since the March 23rd major low. I strongly believe that stock indices …

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Topic:Trading SignalsAsset AllocationActive TradingS&P 500NASDAQAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketRecessionCovid-19

by Patrick Oberhaensli, on Jun 8, 2020 4:46:00 PM

In this article, we will address the danger of applying a long-only approach to US Equity Volatility – we already discussed the danger of a short-only approach. But it does …

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Topic:DiversificationAnalysis and StrategyUS Stock MarketNYSEFuturesVolatility
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